How Playing Go Helps Me Excel in Sales, Sports, and Life

A Brief Introduction to Go

First, if you’re not familiar with Go, it’s a strategic board game that originated in China over 2,500 years ago. The game is deceptively simple but incredibly deep. The objective is to control more territory on the board than your opponent by placing black or white stones on a grid. It’s a game that requires both tactical and strategic thinking.

Go and Sales

In sales, understanding your customer and anticipating their needs is crucial. Go has taught me to think several moves ahead. Just like in Go, where you need to anticipate your opponent’s strategy, in sales, you need to predict what your customers might need next and how to address their concerns before they even voice them. This forward-thinking approach has helped me close more deals and build stronger relationships with clients.

Go and Tennis

Believe it or not, Go has also improved my tennis game. Tennis requires a lot of mental strength and the ability to stay focused under pressure. Go trains your mind to stay calm and think clearly, even when the stakes are high. This mental toughness has translated well onto the tennis court, helping me stay focused during matches and make smarter decisions during play.

Go and Marketing

In marketing, it's all about strategy and positioning. Go teaches you the importance of placing your stones (or in this case, your marketing efforts) in the right places to control the most territory. It’s about making calculated moves and understanding the bigger picture. This strategic mindset helps in creating effective marketing campaigns that reach the right audience.

Go and Business

Running a business is like playing an endless game of Go. You have to think about the long-term while managing the short-term moves. Go has taught me to balance immediate needs with future goals. It’s all about making strategic decisions that will benefit the business in the long run, even if it means sacrificing something small in the present.

Go and Prioritization

Go has been a great teacher in terms of prioritization. In Go, you have to decide which battles are worth fighting and which ones you can afford to lose. This skill is directly applicable to everyday life and work. It helps me prioritize tasks, focusing on what’s most important and not getting bogged down by less critical issues.

Go and Life

Finally, Go has enriched my life by teaching me patience, resilience, and the importance of continuous learning. The game is a constant reminder that there’s always room for improvement and that every move, no matter how small, can have a significant impact.


So, there you have it. Playing Go has helped me in so many ways, from improving my sales techniques to enhancing my tennis game, to honing my business strategies and life skills. It’s a simple yet profound game that has taught me valuable lessons applicable to many areas of life. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend giving Go a go!

Thanks for listening to my story!